A Fashion Night with Liz Clift International

A fashion night with 
Liz Clift International

This was a collaboration between  and Liz Clift brought about by the talents of our favourite fashionista - 
Liz Golding - Fashion Stylist

Walking into the beautifully appointed boutique, greeted with smiles, gorgeous fashion and bubbles! You had me at gorgeous fashion, oh yeah, and the bubbles helped! 😝
My heart swelled with joy seeing the familiar WNA faces after this loooong absence due to COVID19. We had so much to say to each other, we were tripping over our words, or maybe that was just me? bahahahaha
The fashion show was to die for. So many animal prints in one room was intoxicating! I only managed to look at a small fraction of the fashion in the boutique, hhhmmm will need another visit. Next time, without distractions! Shopping is a serious business you know.
Liz Clift and Liz Golding you were fabulous hosts and Annie thank you for saving the egg sandwiches just for me!
Thanks for the laughs #WNAtribe! So good to connect again. Looking forward to our next event.

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