Dancing CEO's Fundraiser Event

When I first bought this gown I knew I would never wear it, because my scars from the double mastectomy were so obvious! EVERYONE would see them!


I’ve often spoken of my breast cancer journey, it’s not a secret. In fact, I readily share my difficult journey in order to inspire other women who are going through the same pain.

However, I have NEVER actually shown you the scars on my body. I’m actually embarrassed by them. It’s one thing to talk about scars…another to put yourself out there, to be judged.

But when Elena Gosse invited me to be one of her VIP guests at the Dancing CEOs last Saturday, I thought to myself “I’m going to be brave and wear this gown” Ok, then I umm’d and uhh’d about it!


Once Samara did my hair and makeup, I dressed in the gown. Greg helped me tie the straps (it’s a family affair LOL) I stood in front of them and they both stared at me with their jaws open! They said I was beautiful and oh so glamourous! Then there was a discussion as to what jewellery I would wear. It was unanimous, (well the 2 of them agreed)…of course it had to be the Pagoni Bolero Pearl Necklace. I think I may have objected with discomfort. I thought the dress was scary enough!!!


I actually DID feel just a little glam, if I’m honest.


But it’s one thing for your family to say you are beautiful…another to go out into the real world. Eeek


So with my scars out on show and not hidden behind material, with the Pagoni stand-out bolero around my shoulders, I strutted into the Brisbane Town Hall courtyard…on my own. As nervous as I felt I did not let on. Head high, shoulders back I walked in with confidence. My friends screamed with delight when they saw me. Showered me with compliments. I received lots of compliments throughout the night actually. From total strangers! Not one person mentioned my scars!


There is a lesson here. Sometimes you make such a big fucking deal about something in your head that you believe it’s insurmountable! Well…EVERYTHING can be and will be concurred. Even the fear of your surgery scars!


Believe in yourself. Refrain from being so bloody self-critical. You are BEAUTIFUL in all the glory of your scars. You are a survivor. The scars prove it!

Have a fabulous Friday!


I'm pictured here with my beautiful friend Janelle Bostock, CEO of Women's Network Australia.


Kass 💋





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