Pagoni Wins Best Fashion Event of 2020!

Do you know how to make your dreams come true?

First, STOP listening to everyone else! lol

Second, listen to your heart, listen to your gut. Listen to YOU! It is ALL there, dig deep and you will find it.

By all means, ask others for their input, their advice, but don’t take it to heart. Filter it through your moral compass, through your heart and your gut. Ask yourself. Is this right for me?

For many years now, I’ve been listening to the advice of everyone else BUT myself. I felt that everyone else’s opinion was far superior to my own. Everyone else was surely smarter, more experienced, and far more knowledgeable than I am? Right?

Well, I realise now that, actually, that was just my insecurity talking. I’ve started to listen to my gut, to my heart. Now that I’ve unmuted the volume, it is coming through loud and clear!

Do you have a dream? Believe in yourself. Make a decision. Feel the fear. Make it happen.

Go ahead and do it in your own way. Do it the way you have dreamed of doing it. If it doesn’t succeed, that’s OK, you will learn and grow. And next time? You will do it better.

I’ve had a dream, for years and years - to host my very own jewellery fashion show. I had been reluctant to host one because I lacked self-belief, listened to the negative voices around me instead of digging deep within myself to find the courage.

In September of this year, I made the decision, I felt the fear, (the almost debilitating fear) and I made it happen. On the 9th of October, I hosted my first solo fashion event! Did I mention I was scared sh....s?

I did it MY way. I did it without expert support. I found the venue, the models, the photographer and the fashion gowns. I handcrafted the jewellery. I promoted the event. I put it all together. phew

The event was a sell-out and a stupendous success. We received media coverage and social media was buzzing for days with talk about the fabulous Pagoni Fashion Show! 

While I was organising the event, I was focussed. I made sure nothing was overlooked, that every item on my To Do list was checked and doubled checked, right up until the first guest walked in to the venue. For me, it was imperative that my guests were catered for, entertained and surprised!  

So, you can imagine how THRILLED I was that people were STILL talking about the Show DAYS after the actual event took place!

But that’s not all….(No! No steak knives! lol) The Pagoni Fashion Show was nominated for BEST FASHION EVENT of 2020 in the Women in Fashion Awards!

And...on 27th November at the Women in Fashion Awards Luncheon held on the roof terrace of the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art...drum roll...Pagoni was announced as the WINNER of the Peoples' Choice Awards by a landslide!!

Yes! BEST FASHION EVENT OF 2020!  NO-ONE was more surprised than me!

You know, we underestimate ourselves ON A REGULAR basis. That is a FACT.

Do you know what you have to do? STOP underestimating yourself! lol

Believe in yourself and others will believe in you.

Go ahead. Make your dream a reality and I will be there to support you!

Kassandra Behrendt
CEO, Designer, Blogger, Empowering Women


Here I am, celebrating with my two gorgeous friends who were also Winners in their category:  Angela Clark, WINNER - Best Fashion Model of 2020 and Sofia Moreno-Marcos WINNER - Best Fashion Designer of 2020! 


 With Carly Vidal-Wallace. Founder of Women in Fashion Global


With Damien Anthony Rossi Mr Hollywood himself!



With Samara Behrendt and Angela Clark - Winner of Best Fashion Model of 2020



With Sofia Moreno-Marcos, winner of Best Fashion Designer 2020
and Video-blogger MG Meredith Tilly 



with Cindy Vogels of Racy & Lucky the label




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