I Love My Body!

I love my body!

It’s my birthday tomorrow and I’m reminded of how grateful I am to STILL be here.
My breast cancer brought me so close to the end 13 years ago. So I am grateful for making it one more year. One more year free of cancer. One more year of good health. One more year with my family. One more year to inspire others and remind you all that we are here to LOVE and BE loved.

I love my wrinkles. My saggy skin. The cellulite dimples. The reconstructed breasts which are not as beautiful as my original ones but still give me shape. I love my surgery scars. I love the extra weight around my tummy (OK….I SOMETIMES love the extra weight around my tummy 😝)

This post is for all those beautiful women who don’t feel beautiful. Who look in the mirror and berate their flabby skin, their cellulite, their big tummy.

It’s important to love the skin you live in, love your body and love yourself. Wholeheartedly and unconditionally.


You are a beautiful creation! Look at you. I mean...STOP! And LOOK at your reflection in the mirror. How exquisite are you? Look at those eyes, full of wisdom. Those wrinkles, full of life experience. The extra weight from loving life! 

Spend time in your birthday suit. Walk around your home unrestrained by clothing (it’s quite liberating actually) and every time you walk past a reflective object (mirror, window, bifold door 😝) STOP! and….ADMIRE yourself! Blow yourself a kiss and throw yourself a cheeky wink. Because you are GORGEOUS!

Your body, no matter the shape, size or weight, is carrying you through life. It is allowing you to walk, talk, dance, enjoy family and friendships.

Be totally in love with your body. Eat well. Exercise regularly. Care for your body the way you do the most precious person in your life. You deserve no less! and your body will reward you with strength, good health and zest for life.

I love my body. Yeah sometimes I forget to love my body and my…SELF for that matter. But at this time of year, I am especially grateful and love my body even more!

Kass  💋

Kassandra Behrendt
CEO, Designer, Blogger, Empowering Women



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