King Arthur & the Lady of the Lake - Podcast Series


Conversations with Michael Lauria & Helen Glover
...exploring masculine and feminine relationship dynamics


 My friends, I wanted to share with you this podcast series that delves in so deep into our psyche that it's a little confronting but oh so rewarding!

An unlikely name you might think...but listen to their first episode and you will understand why. It's quite fitting.
So, the reason I wanted to share this Podcast series with you is because of my blog a few weeks ago about caring for our mental health and wellbeing.
I have subscribed to this Podcast Series and I’ve just watched Episode 3. I found it particularly compelling and enlightening. It’s true...we often shy away from delving in too deep into our psyche. We often ignore our bad behaviour and blame others for our current state of being.
I understand now, (light bulb moment!) that we cannot get to where we are going without understanding where we came from. Not only understanding, but accepting, and forgiving. I've often blamed my past for my present. I have learned to forgive myself and be grateful for my past for shaping me and making me the person I am today. A person, may I say, that I am very proud of.
From the podcast, words like “…We owe it ourselves to have the full experience of our SELVES.”
And “…in order to understand ourselves, we need to delve into the shadows of our soul. To discover who we are…”
So insightful and thought-provoking!
I've always been interested in human behaviour. Taking the time to understand why I, and the people around me, behave a certain way is really interesting to me.
I believe this podcast is super important to watch. It's 39 minutes but these two go where you wouldn’t allow yourself to go. These two have such insight and are completely honest. It’s compelling!
But you know me, I will not watch something unless I'm also being entertained! So, yep, thumbs up, very entertaining speakers!
Thank you Helen Glover for introducing me to Michael Lauria and to this podcast series.
Watch this Episode and let me know your thoughts. Or better yet, give your feedback on the Youtube Episode for Helen and Michael to see.
Kass 💋
King Arthur and Lady of the Lake on Youtube
“Episode 3 - Why Visiting dark places is good for the soul”

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