Pagoni Fashion Show 2020

The much anticipated Pagoni Fashion Show is FINALLY here! 

And we simply CANNOT wait to reveal our fabulous new Collection for Spring 2020. Hint: it involves pearls, flowers with a dash of feathers! 

DO NOT expect a fast-paced runway show with blaring music as the models race passed you on the runway before you can even register what they are wearing! 

Kassandra Behrendt, CEO & Creative Director of Pagoni, a veteran of many fashion shows, is determined that her fashion show is an enjoyable experience. Harking back to the fashion shows of old, where the models would slowly meander throughout the room, pausing frequently so that each guest has the time to feast their eyes on the exquisitely handcrafted jewellery. 

The venue was carefully chosen for its ornately decorated interior. Our event will be hosted in The Atrium. The high ceilings, beautifully decorated walls, marble tables, and velvet chairs will further enhance your experience. 

Your gift bag will be waiting at your seat. Be sure to pause at the Pagoni Media Wall for photos! 

We look forward to welcoming you.




Friday, 9th October 2020
11:00am - 3:00pm
Venue: The Matriarch, Masters Road, Newstead. 

Your ticket covers the scrumptious High Tea as well as a glass of Prosecco upon your arrival. 

The fully stocked bar will be open for the duration of our event and late into the night if you wish to stay on, along with the restaurant. 

Our designer, Kassandra Behrendt, will share a short snippet of Pagoni's journey. We will entertain you with a fabulous fashion show that will both surprise and delight you. 

Followed by lucky door prizes donated by our sponsors. Finally, an opportunity to shop from the new Pagoni Collection after the fashion show. All while laughing and sharing the day with your friends in beautiful surroundings.



Bella Brides Hair & Make up
Clear Image Photography
A Formal Affair
SRJ Walker Wayland
Anne Noonan
Geri's Beauty
Arbonne by Gail Saunders
Bhawna Beauty
New You Energetics by Kylie Haynes
Sarah Spann Nutritionist
Women's Network Australia



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