Women's Network Australia Christmas Charity Luncheon


Well, the Christmas Charity Luncheon of the year happened last Thursday and it did not disappoint!

It is a true testament to the regard people have for Janelle Bostock, CEO of Women's Network Australia. The room was full to capacity with over 220 guests made up of WNA members, friends, and distinguished guests.

Our MC - Rachael Tiernan was a breath of fresh air with her gorgeous ‘Star’ personality. But Rachael, I do believe you promised to sing for us….hhmmm?

Our guest speaker was Jodie Fields (former Australian Cricket Captain). What incredible accomplishments! Jodie, you are an excellent role model for our young (and old…speaking for myself!).

As one of the sponsors of the event, I was very pleased to be handing out the Pagoni bag with a special ‘surprise’ inside to our VIP guests as they arrived. 

As I gazed around the room there was a sea of PAGONI!! I was so proud and a lot THRILLED! I loved the way each of you styled your Pagoni ladies. You made me proud!

Women’s Network Australia is more than a business woman’s group. It’s more than a get-together to hand out our business cards. We discuss real issues that affect all of us. Thanks to the leadership of Janelle Bostock, we have an opportunity to make real connections and lasting friendships.

When Janelle took to the stage to give her speech, as she gazed out at her guests I could see she was overcome with emotion. It’s been a tough journey and I knew that she was grateful for each of you in the room. She had a vision and a passion to bring women together to support each other, to encourage each other, to inspire, to nurture, to educate. And here you were, cheering her on! She felt incredibly grateful.

It goes without saying, that an event of this magnitude does not happen overnight and certainly not without the support and long hours of hard work behind the scenes of quite a few people. People who I know Janelle is incredibly grateful to. You have done and given and provided because you believe in the spirit of WNA. YOU, Ladies is what makes #WNA a TRIBE worthy of membership!

Janelle, thank you for your vision and your passion!

I want to say a special thank you to Samara Behrendt, who pitched in to help Janelle on the day as an usher, a goffer, a photographer and a general all-rounder. She is MY inspiration. I love you baby xx














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