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Mental Health Awareness 2020

It was Mental Health Awareness last month, I’m a little late with my post. But it’s an important conversation to have so better late than never.   I’ve been quite open with my mental health. I spoke about my depression at my Pagoni Fashion Show last month. I take every opportunity to speak about it. To help others feel more comfortable talking about it.   I have no hesitation in sharing the fact that I’ve battled with depression, and still do to this day.   I have no hesitation in revealing that I’ve had suicidal thoughts.   I am not embarrassed to say that I am on anti-depressant medication.   Medication helps me manage my thoughts, my emotions. Medication does...

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Pagoni Fashion Show 2020 - IT'S A WRAP!

The Pagoni Fashion Show 2020...IT’S A WRAP! Ohmygod! WHAT a magnificent day! The ornately decorated venue, The Matriarch, was perfect for Pagoni! I am NOT exaggerating when I say the Pagoni Fashion Show was E.P.I.C. Everything went according to plan, even the little hiccups. Well not really, but I rolled with the punches! Lol My first solo event and it was a sell out! NO ONE was more surprised than me! The BUZZ in the room was incredible! I was on a HIGH throughout the whole day! Or it might have been from lack of sleep and stress leading up to the event? The models took their time and meandered throughout the room, stopped at each table so that all...

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Pagoni Fashion Show 2020

The much anticipated Pagoni Fashion Show is FINALLY here!  And we simply CANNOT wait to reveal our fabulous new Collection for Spring 2020. Hint: it involves pearls, flowers with a dash of feathers!  DO NOT expect a fast-paced runway show with blaring music as the models race passed you on the runway before you can even register what they are wearing!  Kassandra Behrendt, CEO & Creative Director of Pagoni, a veteran of many fashion shows, is determined that her fashion show is an enjoyable experience. Harking back to the fashion shows of old, where the models would slowly meander throughout the room, pausing frequently so that each guest has the time to feast their eyes on the exquisitely handcrafted jewellery. ...

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