One night with

Kassandra Behrendt



Her abundant energy can fill up a giant room and blow out the windows!

Her bold, fearless nature will inspire you to make the changes that you’ve been craving to make, but are too afraid to try.

Her freakish amount of enthusiasm may motivate you to jump up and scream “Hell Yes! Give me some of that!”

You'll leave feeling empowered and thoroughly entertained!

Founder of Pagoni

Kassandra is the masterful designer of Pagoni, a Brisbane based jewellery label.

A self-taught jewellery designer, she has been meticulously handcrafting exclusive one-of-a-kind designs for over two decades.

Over that time, she has been practising, experimenting with different techniques and materials, and honing her skills, so that she can design and craft exclusive bespoke designs for her clients.

She is fearless when it comes to design, and along with her keen eye and sense of style, she can offer her clients a bold alternative to what’s currently available in the fashion market.

Pagoni pieces are in high demand and have been featured on magazine covers, runways and high profile women across the globe.

She is a breast cancer survivor, mother, entrepreneur and pillar of the community. Constantly giving back, Kassandra creates and donates special pieces to many local grass-roots charities such as The Carers Foundation Australia and the Red Rose Foundation.

She is also a proud member of Soroptimist International. Her philanthropic tendencies combined with her eye for fashion and business savvy, allow her to contribute greatly to these causes.

Kassandra has now taken to the public stage to share her journey so that she can inspire others to live a life of passion and purpose.


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