Vermeil Gold Plating explained

Gold plating bonds to different base metals differently. For example, gold 'clings' onto sterling silver better than zinc, copper, or brass. So, gold vermeil, which is gold electroplating on top of sterling silver, usually lasts longer.

The thickness of gold in gold vermeil usually falls between 0.025-1 micron. The industry standard is 0.025 microns.

The Pagoni RTW vermeil plating over Sterling Silver is much thicker at 0.5 microns of Rhodium, and 18K gold or rose gold. 


18 Karat Gold 

18 Karat Gold is made up of 75% pure 24k gold and 25% alloy. 

Rose Gold is dependent on the base metal, Rose Gold plating will require an alloy of higher percentage of copper to give a more 'reddish' look.