Pagoni Scarf

$55.00 AUD

Our Label 'Pagoni' (Pah-go-nee) is the Greek word for 'Peacock'.

H e r   S t o r y . . .

Powerful.  Graceful.  Honourable.

The graceful Peacock stands tall and confident. Regal in fact.
She offers us lessons of self-love, honour and intergrity. She encourages us not to shy away from, but to face life's challenges with strength and courage. 

Her admirers are many as she walks in and out of our lives.
 No wonder then, that the Peacock has been a symbol of royalty over the centuries.

We have designed our iconic Pagoni scarf with love and passion.

It is available exclusively to Pagoni. 



Scarf measures 107cm in length and 7cm in width.  


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