Kassandra Feather Earrings with Swarovski

$475.00 AUD


H e r   S t o r y . . .

Vibrant.  Spirited. Natural Leader.

Kassandra sees beyond the ordinary. She exists on a plane of vibrational energy
from where she draws her strength and creativity.
Oh...many have tried to control her, to no avail.
She's one of a kind, a free spirit unable to be contained. 

If you're willing to surrender to the high energy frequency humming
from her body, calmness will wash over you.
You'll be filled with KNOWING, and everything will begin to make



Beautifully handcrafted with 14K gold-filled hardware, genuine SWAROVSKI crystals with carefully selected soft Peacock feathers.

Our ear-wires are hypoallergenic stainless steel. This pair is gold-plated stainless steel.

Complete your Kassandra collection with the matching necklace.


Special Note: This jewellery is part of our BESPOKE Collection, therefore, we'll need a few days to handcraft it before we can ship. For more info please read 'Shipping & Handing

A word about Gold-Filled

We use Gold-filled (unless otherwise stated) due to its strength and resistance to tarnish.  Gold-filled goes through a process of thick gold being bonded onto a base metal, using heat and pressure. This process allows the gold to be molecularly bonded and tarnish is very difficult. The thickness of gold-filled is generally very high, from at least 2 microns.  

Please note: Our designer carefully and meticulously selects the best materials for each design. However, as we use natural products, each handcrafted piece is unique, therefore colour, shape & size may vary.

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