Suzanna Peacock Feather Earrings

$475.00 AUD

H e r   S t o r y . . .

Cheeky. Troublemaker. Passionate.

Oh, Suzanna is a cheeky troublemaker!
Her passion and sense of adventure will draw you in and you will fall completely under her spell. There is no escape. But of course, you do not want to escape... do you?  




A beautifully handcrafted pair of earrings. A step away from the style our designer usually crafts. With the combination of brass and gold plated hardware, verdigreen brass chandeliers, faceted glass beads and layers of carefully selected soft Peacock feathers, make THIS pair of earrings OUTSTANDING!

Take care...with the 'Susanna' earrings you will stop traffic!

ALL our ear wires are stainless steel - gold or silver plated.


Special Note: This jewellery is part of our BESPOKE Collection, therefore, we'll need a few days to handcraft it before we can ship. For more info please read 'Shipping & Handing

Please note: Our designer carefully and meticulously selects the best materials for each design. However, as we use natural products, each handcrafted piece is unique, therefore colour, shape & size may vary.

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